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Introduction & Rules

Welcome to Naughty Mist, a graphic journal that doesn't know when it'll be used, shared by dasku, icequeen731 and samauri.

This is an archive of our previous attempts in the wonderful, yet difficult, world of deisgn. It won't be updated very often because we're just too afraid to open our graphic software. Who knows? Maybe someday our muses will come home to stay, but in the meantime, this is as good as it gets.

* Please credit our usernames or naughty_mist in your keywords next to the icons.

* Do not hotlink. This will make our work vanish and we'll pout. And let me tell you we're not so cute when we pout.

* Textless icons are not bases, so please do not alter them.

* Comments are always nice and we'll be really grateful. Oh and by the way, you can write in English, Spanish or French. We also speak German and Italian, but just a little bit.

* Have fun and if you have chocolate or cookies just whistle and we'll be there ;)
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