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How to credit

Usually most of the icon-makers out there ask to be credited but not that many explain how to do it.
It's quite easy, so here we go...

In each one of your userpics you are given the option to fill two spaces, one with the Keywords, which is how you are able to choose when you reply a comment, and one with Comments. As you can write whatever you like in the comments space, that's where the credit usually goes.

You can always write just the name of the person who made the icon, but it's much better if we put directly the link to his/her LJ account using the "lj user" codes. That way, not only it looks prettier, but if someone likes the icon and wants to check out what else that iconmaker has made, he has a direct link to the journal...

This is how credit would look in our cases:

Of course what's in the keywords space is just an example, and in the comment space you can write more things besides the credit...

And that's it :)
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