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The West Wing: Season 4

So, i was studying for my exams (or trying to) when i saw the community i_episode. Obviously, as i didn't have any time to spare, i felt the unstoppable need to icon each episode of The West Wing. The waiting time to do it for the community was of 4-5 months, so i've basically decided to make one icon per episode, but just not for the community. Besides, lately my muse has been too fickle for timelines :p
I also changed the community layout with a brand new header of the gorgeous Janel Moloney (naughty_mist).

So, 23 icons, one per episodes plus the ones i had to make while browsing the caps.

+ The West Wing: Season 4 [38]


Season 4

4x01 4x02 4x03 4x04
4x05 4x06 4x07 4x08
4x09 4x10 4x11 4x12
4x13 4x14 4x15 4x16
4x17 4x18 4x19 4x20
4x21 4x22 4x23

Sides B

01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12
13 14 15

As usual, all the resources used are here.

~ Comments are very, very cool.
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~ Credit to dasku rocks my socks :)
~ Noms are even cooler if i know about them :D
~ Friend the community for updates.

Enjoy :)
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