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by dasku & samauri

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Welcome to Naughty Mist, a graphic journal shared by dasku and samauri.

In here we'll publish our previous and future attempts in the wonderful, yet difficult, world of design. It won't be updated very often because our muses don't come out to play that much so in the meantime, this is as good as it gets.

The rules are the same as in the other thousands of graphics journals out there:

* Please credit our usernames in your keywords next to the icons. It's not mandatory, we won't sue or anything, but it's nice. Here you have an entry on how to credit.

* Do not hotlink. This will make our work vanish and we'll pout. And let me tell you we're not so cute when we pout.

* Textless icons are not bases, so please do not alter them.

* Comments are food for our muses. It doesn't matter the language they're in, English, Spanish or French. They also like the comments in German and Italian, but not as much as the others as we understand just a little bit.

* Have fun and if you want to receive in your flist more or less regular updates, you are quite welcome to friend the community.

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